Choosing a Mover

Moving is almost always stressful, whether you’re going across town or across the country. However, through careful planning, you can smooth away many of the “wrinkles” from your move.

Make arrangements for your move at least two weeks in advance. Ask for recommendations from friends who have moved recently, or contact the Better Business Bureau. Then get two or three written estimates from movers. It is often best to consider a mover with long standing in your community as your first choice, not one who appears only in the classified ads.

Be sure you know exactly what you want moved. Also think about what you may be willing to move yourself. Long-distance moves (outside 50 miles) are based on weight and mileage, while local moving is generally an hourly rate for a truck and crew.

Show the move estimator everything you want moved – from the old trunk in the attic to the exercise bike in the basement. This is important, because you’ll be charged more for anything you add on later. Also, discuss any special services you may want, such as having a piano moved, temporary storage if you can’t go directly to your new home, or an exact guaranteed delivery date.

Ready to make a choice? Remember that the lowest price may not be the best value. If you’re using a small firm, for example, be sure that the price includes loading and unloading. Don’t be afraid to negotiate the rate, or inquire as to seasonal specials. It can be less expensive to move between October and June.


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