About  |  Milad Rostamkhani, MBA

Thanks to a career managing projects, sales, and marketing at his father’s real estate development company in Iran, Milad has spent years keeping his eye on real estate trends and property values. In 2008, he enhanced his business acumen by obtaining a Master’s Degree in International Business Management at University of West London in the United Kingdom, before moving to Vancouver in 2010.

It did not take long for Milad to realize that Vancouver is one of the greatest cities in the world. Its unmatched natural vistas and kind residents drew Milad in immediately and inspired him to help people find their dream homes in such a beautiful place.

—It Runs in the Family.

Milad’s dedication to real estate and his marketing and sales experience make him a strong negotiator and a skilled agent who is ready to help with your real estate needs. Whether you are ready to move on from your current house or shop around for your dream home, Milad loves to devote his time to helping clients fulfill their needs in an efficient and professional manner.

As a Realtor® licensed in Greater Vancouver, Milad provides Strategic Marketing and Transaction Management services to his clients across many Vancouver markets. His business is built on: DedicationCommunicationDetermination, & Trust while embodying the ability to cater and adapt to all of his client’s Real Estate needs.

Homebuyers and sellers need an agent who will listen carefully to their needs and concerns. Milad makes this a top priority as he learns about your price point, neighborhood preferences, real estate goals, and other needs. Realizing that purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, Milad is ready to go above and beyond to find the right home for all of his customers. Sometimes that means working long hours; other times that means taking a strong stance to negotiate the best price for you – either way, Milad is up for the challenge of getting you into your perfect home.

Most of his days are spent working with delightful clients, staging homes, chatting with lawyers, reading over home inspection reports, viewing homes, negotiating contracts, putting a SOLD sign on a lawn or passing keys over to ecstatic new home owners. In his spare time, Milad gives private helicopter tours of the Greater Vancouver Area to his clients. He also loves to spend time golfing.

About  |  Sutton Group – West Coast Realty

Sutton was founded in 1983 and subsequently altered the course of an entire industry on the principle that real estate was driven by highly personalized relationships between the REALTOR® and their customers. As such, the Sutton System was designed to put the REALTOR® – not the real estate company – at the center of each business transaction. It delivers consumer-driven services, cost-control and creative business freedom to independent REALTORS® on the front lines of the industry.

Sutton was also the first real estate company to offer each of its 8,700 REALTORS® with a personal email and custom website at the industry-renowned ‘sutton.com’ address. This initiative positioned its REALTORS® as specialized information brokers, and empowered them to continue growing responsive relationships through a cohesive – and still personal – marketing strategy.

With the entrepreneurial capacity to service local markets and appeal to unique demands, Sutton REALTORS® enjoy the best personal net income opportunity in the industry. Their efforts consistently exceed $20 billion in real estate transactions annually.

With over 8,700 REALTORS® and 200 offices across Canada, there is always a Sutton REALTOR® nearby to serve you!